Have you ever wondered what are used in the printing industry records that resemble tasks in mathematics for preschoolers. Contrary to appearances, it has nothing to do with algebra. In this way, printers and graphic means the colorfulness of the parties printed sheet.

The first number indicates the amount of colours with CMYK palettes used on the obverse, the other the same thing on the back. So, if we write 4 + 4 this means that on each of the parties will be made direct from all 4 components or cyanogen, magenta, yellow, and black. Figure 1 this means that direct will consist of only one component, for example. only the color of black. It is worth here to distinguish the components of color. One does not imply the use of only one page colors, which is made up of several components. 0 indicates that the page will not be made direct. For example:

4 + 0 – single-sided printing of all CMYK.

1 + 1-double-sided printing with the use of only one component of the CMYK

1 + 4-print double-sided on the obverse uses a single component of a CMYK on the back four.

1 + 0 – single-sided printing that uses only a single component of CMYK.

Printing records

Following suit, we can distinguish:

Monochrome printing – in which we distinguish between only the colour of the ground and one color, ink, toner

Print-in which we distinguish between color and a lot of ink colours, inks, toners.

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