Business card is one of the basic books. This little piece of paper with contact information accompanies almost every business meeting. About her potential evidenced by enjoying a great popularity and bespoke business lotteries organized on the occasion of the exhibition and Conference. How to make full use of its marketing opportunities? Blue Space presents some simple and cheap tricks, so that Your business card will be made in the memory of everyone.


Laminating a thin layer of foil will give the card the prestige and raise its quality. The plot becomes more resistant for creases, moisture and tearing. It will also more pleasant to the touch. Usually printers offer the coating with foil Matt or glossy. Blue Space we also use content type of soft-touch, that will output the invoice similar to soft velvet. It's good to know that we can pack them in cellophane unilaterally and bilaterally and on each of the parties to apply another laminate.

foil business card 2


By applying the varnish we provide print before wear. For aesthetics, we can get the effect of dulling or metalized foil print. The most spectacular treatment is selective imposition of lacquer on the selected project item. Thanks to this we can eg. achieve the effect of a glossy logo without changing the whole invoice.

selective varnish business card

Rounding corners of

This is the simplest form of changes to the standard shape without having to invest in wykrojnik. The proper decapitation project beautifully horns can give the card a little bit zadziorność and unique forms.


First of all, we must remember that the most important is a good project. Should be neat, not overloaded, with clearly marked information, who are interested in the recipient or the address, telephone, email and post. Important is also the exposure of the company's logo and brief information about the industry. Add a QR code the transmission on the company's Web site will allow you to quickly load the page using mobile devices.

Both the stage of the project and during the production of worth to ensure that our card business fell in the memory of the recipient. In the end, it's our business card … business card.